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About the Band

How They Got Here

Steeped in musical traditions from Europe, Africa and Indians, the music of Brazil is an endlessly evolving mixture of fascinating rhythms and sounds. Brazilian Social Club aims to share this beautiful and intoxicating musical culture to the rest of the world with its blend of musicianship, creativity and tradition. 

Performing hot Brazilian hits spanning Samba, Xote, Partido Alto, Forro and more, the band's captivating high-energy performances never fail to get audiences on their feet and spinning across the dance floor.

Though newly formed, Brazilian Social Club is fast coming up on the Nelson music scene as a live Brazilian party band, and is geared up for a strong year ahead of shows across the region. 

Behind the Band

The band works together day and night preparing for performances in order to make sure their live performances are in full harmony. Check out the faces that make up Brazilian Social Club below.


Marcio Molinari

Vocalist & Guitarist

Hailing from Bahia, Brazil, Marcio is highly passionate about bringing the beautiful melodies and rhythms from his homeland to the rest of the world. Self-taught on many instruments including guitar, percussion and singing, he plays an instrumental role in the success and musical progression of the group with his singular vision for the band.


Annabel Boyes

Tenor & Alto Saxophonist

There was no Brazilian music in the family collection when she was little, but the sounds in the classic jazz LPs led Annabel straight to the saxophone and she’s never looked back since. After many years playing in jazz groups large and small, she discovered the rich rhythms of Brazilian music several years ago and was stoked to find sax featured in many of the Brazilian bands. She brings her warm tone and lyrical style to Brazilian Social Club and gets a kick out of recreating this vibrant music.


Wendy Phua


A games music composer by day and "in-the-pocket" bassist by night, Wendy first fell in love with music learning the piano as a child. She later picked up the bass and got rather serious about it after delighting in the mighty sounds of Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, and Brian Bromberg. In Singapore, she has appeared in radio and TV programs, as well as played alongside Akira Jimbo (Casiopea), James LoMenzo (Megadeth), Mel Gayner (Simple Minds), Shaggy, Emma Shapplin and Riki Hendrix. These days, Wendy is busy in her studio producing music and sound design for online games.

Her music can be heard on and


Yukari Sasaki


Yukari started playing percussion instruments at the age of nine in the school brass band and has played a lot of music, from classical to jazz music. Later joined a percussion ensemble group, held their own concerts and participated in the Japan national competition.  While playing percussion instruments in a wide range of genres, she became fascinated by the presence of percussion instruments in Brazilian music.

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